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4-IN-1 Hydroponic Container Farm

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4-IN-1 Hydroponic Container Farm


Monthly Lease To Own


Prequalifying Deposit Fee

Pay a deposit of $500 $500.00 per item

The 4-IN-1 Hydroponic Container Farm is an innovative approach that enables growers to efficiently grow over 120 types of  produce in a controlled environment throughout the year. Comes with a nursery for easy transition from seedling to fully grown produce. Urban and small-scale growers find an ideal solution in compact, efficient systems for year-round diverse produce cultivation, maximizing yields while minimizing environmental footprints. For large-scale farmers and distributors, the 4-IN-1 Hydroponic Container Farm offers a controlled, innovative way to grow varied produce all year, cutting food miles and delivering fresher goods by producing closer to consumers.

With container farm financing farmers can get access to an agricultural solution that cultivates a wide range of crops, including traditional leafy greens, herbs, microgreens, and the highly valued saffron, using deep water culture (DWC), nutrient film technique (NFT) and horticultural trays. Allowing for over 6000 plant counts in a 40 foot space.

Full product detail


  • 6048 plant count
  • Nursery
  • 12000W – 18000W Light Wattage
  • 60,000 BTU HVAC
  • 40′ HC (20′ HC Option)
  • GAP Certifiable
  • Fully Insulated R15 to R20
  • One Trip Upcycled Container
  • Real Man Door For Easy Access

The deposit fee* is applied at checkout. Afterward our team will be in contact to discuss details of your farm instalment and financing. When the contract is signed and the client has received their container farm(s), the monthly payment will start.

*If in the discussion period the clients no longer want to finance their farm, the deposit will be return.

Exclusive to Canada and United States of America.

Cost of shipping will depend on location and determined at checkout.

Please be advised that the monthly lease-to-own cost is subject to change based on creditworthiness, required security deposit, and applicable interest rates. This notice applies within the jurisdictions of Canada and the United States. For a comprehensive understanding, prospective lessees should review their financial standing and are recommended to consult with a financial advisor before committing to any agreements. The quoted cost is provisional and may be revised pending final approval and in accordance with relevant law.

This summary is not exhaustive. Lessees are encouraged to review the full terms and conditions to ensure they are fully informed of all factors that may affect their lease-to-own costs. Please visit here for detailed information.

Not sure if financing is for you?
Get a free consultation!

Product Add-Ons

Product add-on are per container farm. If financing more than one container, add the corresponding number of add-ons for each container.

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